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Thread: printer sharing problem

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    Dec 18, 2011
    Angry printer sharing problem
    I have connected up my mac to my home network, I can see my XP pc files on my mac, drag files from PC onto mac, wonderful no problem. however I have connected my printer to mac ( canon pixma iP1000) downloaded the drivers for it and it prints perfectly attached to the mac. I then reconnected printer to PC (in a different room where there is more space). Have enabled printer sharing on pc; have enabled printer sharing on mac; added new printer to mac ; told it to use driver for ip1000 and updated driver on XP pc. The mac can see the printer on PC the PC can see documents sent to printer by mac. But, when I try to print nothing happens the mac shows the document printing forever, the PC shows the document spooling forever. If I tell the mac to use a generic driver it then shows printing on the mac , printing on the pc , then the document disappears and nothing has printed. have tried attaching printer to main usb port rather than hub just in case it didn't like that.
    having spent a whole day tearing my hair out I am now at my wits end and wishing I had bought a new PC (heresy).

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    Dec 18, 2011
    re-printer sharing problem.
    followed the same steps with my epson photo r200 and lo and behold now have working printer from mac to PC (still think maybe a new PC would have been a better idea)

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    I have found when using multiple OS's and computers nothing beats a networking printer less problems and it does not rely on a computer being on besides letting everyone on the LAN use it.

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