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    MBP 2011: Windows bootcamp internet not connecting??
    Ok so i have a new macbook pro.

    I have had windows 7 installed since i got the computer but rarely use it.

    I needed to install something the other day on that partition and it requires internet to register it for it to work. I noticed that it won't connect to the router.

    Its connected with limited availability. Mean it takes the password but will not allow me online. also cannot ping the router.

    Under ipconfig/ all i get everything except a subnetmask and default gateway( router).

    However it works perfectly on OSX. No problems what so ever. Not sure what could be causing this. I have not performed any updates, or updated drivers since the last time it worked. Also it was not working before the install of the new application.

    any ideas??

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    I got it to work with a static IP any ideas why DHCP is not working correctly??

    Is it me or does this forum not get as many replies as some others do?

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    I moved your posts to the correct forum (here) where you have a better chance of receiving some helpful replies.

    Make sure you have installed all the proper drivers for Windows 7. Your new MacBook Pro can only run Windows 7 and you should have been instructed by the Boot Camp assistant to download a driver disk image from Apple. Did you do that? Without proper drivers, you may be missing other things from Windows 7. Open your hardware tree from Control Panel System and check.

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