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Thread: Must reconnect to interner each time I start up..

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    Must reconnect to interner each time I start up..
    I live in Japan and have Yahoo bb service.

    I have Ethernet connected and PPPoE connected and I can use the internet.

    but when I restart the computer the PPoE is not connected. I must reconnect everytime I restart.

    This is really annoying.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Out of interest, shut your machine down and then power back up again. Are you connected after doing this without the need to do anything else? I say this because that is what is happening with my iMac running Lion. It only takes up a minute of my life but I'm wondering if it's symptomatic of something more sinister than a bug - iMacs losing connection to the internet was the number one problem I encountered online when doing my research prior to switching.

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    In System preferences > Sharing.

    Set up your preferred network settings (any ethernet settings or Wifi) under the location Automatic - a pull down menu at the top of the dialogue box.

    Settings in that location will auto connect on start-up without any user intervention
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