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    iMac & Win7 File Sharing
    So I need to share my iMac's files with my PC and vice-versa.

    I did all of the steps I found from google, but this happened,

    My PC's files are all accessible from the iMac, no problems there. The iMac's files are not accessible from the PC though.

    When I click on the iMac from the PC all I see are printers, no files, documents, music, ect. I need to be able to see everything. In perfect world I would just see my actual iMac screen on the PC and be able to access all the files I need.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I have OS 10.6.8 and Win7 (Bootcamp)and I have to use MediaFour's MacDrive8 to edit files/folders on either system. Without it, I can only read the files/folders but not edit them.
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