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Nuuq 12-22-2011 06:53 AM

WiFi drops?!?!
Hello all,
I have strange problem on macbook... From some time ago (I think it started before I installed Lion), my wireless drops on macbook, but not on PSP, fnacbook, or iphone... I get connection, and after some time it starts to look for network again, and says no internet connection...
Now comes strange part, when I go in my wirelles router settings, and turn protection off (WPA-2), so I turn my WiFi free, I don't have any more problems on macbook, it works GREAT...
When I add pasword again, same thing happens :(
Any ideas?

MacOSX 10.7.2.
2.4GHz Inter Core 2 Duo
4GB 667 MHz RAM DDR2

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