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Thread: Skype website strange view

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    Skype website strange view
    I have a sudden problem when accessing the Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online - Skype website. Up until a few days ago it was fine and my colleagues are not having any similar issue. When I go to the site it takes about 40 secs to load (normally just a few seconds) then I get a list of blue text that are hyperlinked. Rows of text ni images just little boxes with ? inside. When I go to their forum I see all this text superimposed over what looks like the forum website. No other sites are causing me any problem but I am certain its something to do with a setting somewhere. I have deleted the cache, run a dns cache flush but all to no avail.

    This is what the first few lines of the skype website looks like for me:

    Special offers Buy Credit Sign In Join Skype
    Special offers Buy Credit
    English (British)
    Phones and mobiles
    Online Number
    Conference calls
    Skype To Go number
    Video calling

    Any ideas at all out there please?? thanks
    PS I have uploaded two screen shots to show what I mean.
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