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    Aug 23, 2010
    "No Internet Connection" - despite Airport showing full connectivity
    I get that this issue seems to be a common one; but none of the suggestions are working.
    I have Airport and have successfully been connected to my home wireless network for a number of weeks. However, the fuse that is used for the router was tripped today and since then I have been unable to connect wirelessly. Airport shows full connectivity but then I get the usual 'you are not connected to the internet' message.
    I have restarted both my MBP and the router; I've removed Airport as a connection and added it back on; removed the wireless network and recreated it.
    The router is working fine for other people to connect to the web wirelessly, and I am able to connect using the ethernet.

    Any (new) solutions would be great!

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    Mar 02, 2012
    No Internet Connection but Airport Signal says connected...
    This issue happened for me about a month or so after I upgraded my MacBook to Snow Leopard. I talked to an apple rep today who walked me through some other steps that didn't fix the issue.

    So finally I was told I needed to reinstall Snow Leopard and IT FIXED THE PROBLEM!! I DID NOT do an erase and install. This was an install that kept my existing files/settings in tact which was great. (The rep said as a last resort I would have had to do a erase and install, but we didn't have to resort to that...)

    First I was told to put the install Snow Leopard DVD in the disc drive. Then I shut down my machine. Then I hit the power button and held down the "Option" button at the same time until I saw the hard drive symbol and the DVD disc symbol appear on screen (my machine spit out the Snow Leopard DVD and I had to push it back in twice until it "took" and the disc icon appeared on screen). I clicked on the DVD icon and hit the arrow. Then I followed the prompts to install Snow Leopard. It took about 40 minutes. I restarted my MacBook, and voila! It works and I can use Safari, Firefox, etc.

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