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    Macbook Pro 17" 2.16 Dual Core.
    Imac Wifi not so good
    I have a iMac - I7 (1 year old)
    I also have a MacBook Pro 15' (2 years old)

    I share the wifi with my neighbor because he get's business internet and it's a lot faster.

    I live above him and I can get his wireless internet without any issues on my MacBook Pro. However my Imac has a lot of trouble finding it. when it does find it drops the connection after 2 minutes, and it never remembers the saved information. it doesn't remember that I connected to this wifi before and doesn't remember the password.

    2 questions.

    1. Are Imac known to have such problem? or an inferior wifi range?
    2. Is there anything that I can do too better the reception?

    This is extremely frustrating as I can seat in front of my Imac with my macbook and get connected right away on my macbook, while my imac cannot even find it.

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    No known issues with the iMac. I have both an iMac and MacBook here at home and both get excellent reception. Of course it may be that I have my own router in close proximity. Whatever your reason is for sharing a connection, it's never a good idea regardless of how fast it might be. It's always a matter of distance and bandwidth.

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