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    wifi signal strength?
    This is probably aimed at all you networking gurus out there.
    I have recently been having problems with my ISP router dropping out my airplay on a random basis.
    This got so annoying that I thought I would lash out more dosh and replaced it with an Airport Extreme.
    Extreme installed, no more airplay drop outs - so far!
    My question is, the wifi signal strength on the Extreme is worse than on the original ISP router.
    So why am I getting better wifi performance?
    Just interested really, as it doesn't make any logical sense.

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    It's not necessarily down to strength, it often plays a part. There are many factors influencing wifi in the home.

    The extreme could be broadcasting on a less crowded channel than your old router - less interference = better, more consistant signal quality.

    The processor/architecture in the Extreme could be quicker and more capable so it manages the connection between devices better.

    The Extreme could be managing Quality of Service (QoS) settings better to prioritise the airplay traffic.

    And the list goes on........

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