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    Print to home printer while away. Possible?
    Guys, I'm wondering if it's possible to print to my home printer while I'm away from the house using my current setup.

    Macbook Pro running Lion
    HP K5400 printer connected to Airport Extreme

    Wireless printing in the house is no problem obviously on the network, but it would be great to send a doc to my home printer while I'm out or in the office.

    Third party software or new printer needed? I've read about some printers having their own email address that you send a email to and it prints out. But trying to avoid buying a new printer just for this convenience. Thanks.

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    HP e-print printers can do this, each has a unique email adress you can send prints to.

    Though i've always thought it was an odd thing to do in that you're not there to collect the print, check the ink, clear the paper jam, put new paper in etc etc.

    I'd favour printing to PDF and copying to Dropbox etc to keep them safe until a return home to print them. But, of course, everyone's needs are different!

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    As mrplow mentioned, if your printer has e-print, then yes you can print while away. You have to leave your printer on (obviously) and register it online. The registration/sign-up process gives you a unique "e-mail" address for your printer that allows you to send the print job from your phone, computer or iPad. I have set mine up but not tested it yet. Let us know how it goes.
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