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    Laptop to TV

    I am running a mac book with Leopard 10.5.8 2.1 Ghz Intel core 2, 1 GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM.

    And am trying to learn more about wireless "laptop to TV" peripherals,

    I have learned a little about;

    I recently purchased a Logitec Revue Google TV, however a tremendous amount of sites block google tv, so I am not able to stream from sites I had intended to stream from.

    I knew going in, it could not get Hulu, but all three networks and Comedy channel etc... are blocked. My big concern is that I will not be able to stream Baseball on MLB TV this spring.

    It also has trouble with netflix, when loading, gets hung up and is over all slow and clunky.

    I have a new Panasonic TC P50X3 Plasma that I want to connect to the www without a bunch of cables running 10' to 15' across the room.

    I did not know about "laptop to tv" when I got the google tv, so I may take it back to the store and replace it with something new, if I can find out more.

    Who out there runs wireless laptop to tv and which product do you have?

    It appears the Iogear one is Mac compatible, and I read that the Warpia has the drivers for macs.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful, thanks.

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    I posted this a week or so ago, is there some more info people may need to try to help figure thisout?

    Does anyone run a tv from a laptop wireless?


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    I dont actually view my laptop desktop on a TV. I have a Sony Blu-Ray that is wireless and connects to the internet through my router where I watch Netflix and Hulu all the time on it. Now, I am not going out to a browser and pulling things and streaming it that way.

    I will have to look, but I know my Apple TV 2 will stream from my laptop to my other TV via Airplay. That may be your best bet. No, it doesnt have Hulu yet, but should soon. I do know it does the major sports (MLB, NBA, Hockey) and does a lot more. Best bet for info from the website.

    Look into Roku as well. Great reviews and if I didnt already have the Blu-Ray player, I would have gotten one of those. Their top of the line model costs the same as ATV2.
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