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    Question Slow wifi access to Mac blocks other devices!

    We have a MACBook in the house along with other devices (Work Laptops, I-phones and i-pad). The Macbook is very very slow to connect to the internet, taking a few minutes to load each page. When it is switched on, the other devices in the house become slow also until we need to reset the router and start over. The MacBook works perfectly away from home with other networks. It shows full signal. What is happening?


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    Sounds like your wireless router may be misconfigured or using outdated/unstable firmware (you should never have to reboot just to get a device working).

    Important things to check before doing anything else:

    1. Your firmware version for your router, be sure it's up-to-date.
    2. SSID broadcast is ENABLED. Disabling it poses no security advantage and makes it harder for your devices to get connected and stay connected.
    3. Vary the wireless channel setting so that it varies from that of any neighboring networks.
    4. Do not use WEP encryption. It should be using WPA at a minimum, preferably WPA2/AES if available.
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