Hey guys,

I'm having some serious problems and need some help.

I'm very techy, I know Macs, PCs and Linux machines. I have all three in my house.

My house's internet routers are Airport Extreme's. I have a Linux server that is very difficult to use with DHCP on. I figured I can just go to Bridge Mode in the Airport settings. It works great on my PC and Linux machine, as I'm able to use applications on my Amahi server, I'm able to do everything I've been trying to do. However, I do not have access to the web on my MacBook Pro. This is a serious problem.

I need to figure out a way to use Bridge Mode (not share a public IP address mode)) and still get WiFi access on my Mac. Possible?

I currently am just using the one Airport Extreme base station, even though I have three (for repeaters).

Thanks for your help!