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    BT Infinity (UK) and Airplay
    FWIW, I hope this will help anybody who may have the same problem.

    I recently upgraded to BT Infinity. BT installed their latest modem/router (Homehub3), which supposedly had the latest and greatest wi-fi technology.
    Previously to this upgrade, I had BTs Homehub2 Modem/Router and my Airplay functioned flawlessly.
    Since the upgrade, Airplay has been very flakey. Constantly dropping out.
    I messed around with all the settings I could find, but no joy.
    I decided that I had to try and replace the new Homehub3 , and invested in an Airport Extreme.
    It was not the normal "works out of the box" Apple experience! But it turned out it wasn't Apple's fault.
    Whilst setting up the Extreme, using PPPoE, it was asking for a password.
    When I checked the BT info, it said it didn't need a password , and another poster here suggested leaving the password section blank, which apparently worked for him, but not for me
    The BT info actually stated for the password "Not configured". So I entered that for the password.
    And, would you believe it, it worked.
    Now to some of you network experts, that might seem logical. But I reckon it was a pure fluke that it even crossed my mind to try it.
    Hope this wasn't too boring, but it may help some others if they have a similar issue.
    Oh yes. It did set me back 139 for the Extreme (rip off Britain again). But it works!

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    Thanks for the useful info.
    BT need to ditch that Homehub 3, it's dreadful.
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