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Thread: iPad 2 wifi issues.

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    iPad 2 wifi issues.

    I have had my iPad 2 for a while now. Firstly I had a dead pixel, the iPad then got replaced, soon after I noticed background leak and the iPad got replaced for the 2nd time. I then noticed background leaking which it then got replaced for the 3rd time. The current iPad I have now has really bad back light leaking but apple refuse to replace it further.

    I'm hoping this isn't another issue but for some reason I'm certain spots in my house the wifi bar at the top drops to like 2 bars, sometimes the connection freezes for 30 or so seconds then the bar then goes back up although sometimes it complete cuts the internet where I have to move somewhere else. I have changed the network channel the router listens on to various numbers, also tried auto mode but it remains to have that issue, this happens with all my apple devices (iPhone, iPod, my dads iPad 2) but this doesn't effect none of my macs.

    Is there any reason for this? It's a annoying issue and really slows down stuff considerablly when I am playing live games.

    Thanks for your help in advanced.


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    Closer than you think.
    If you device has the ability, try to set it to b/g mode and remove the n capability.

    See if that helps.

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    It's a wireless signal that can be compromised by a many number of things...particularly in today's modern household of electronic devices...Move closer to your router...

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    If you have your WiFi router sitting in the basement and trying to use the iPad on the 2nd floor on the other side of the house, you should (depending on the router) seem some degradation on the signal strength. Also as "codda" suggested a LOT of things in and around the house also interfere with the WiFi signal..

    Additionally, if you have a N-router but have devices that are not N as well they will cause slowdowns on the network as a whole, and might even impact signal quality..

    Finally, a lot of people will usually pick up a WiFi repeater if they find there are portions of the house where the signal strength isn't sufficient..

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    On large installations we try and locate an AEBS as close to center of the house as possible and use up to 4 AE for total coverage.

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