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    Question Pairing base station with belkin USB wireless adapter
    I have a problem with my wireless network I'am trying to set-up. I have Graphite Airport Base station that is plugged into a speedtouch adsl modem router, and i have a G3 ibook with a Belkin wireless usb network adapter. in the network preferences on the ibook it says that I has and Ip address and that its connected to the internet via ethernet, but my problem is that I'm not recieving the internet or any type of connection.
    any help would be great thanks

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    via ethernet? I don't think it should say that something seems fishy to me.

    What does your ip address look like, is it right?

    I still think it should say something like connected via USB device or via wireless/airport device not ethernet.

    if it's not plugged into the router via a cable try that (assuming your Base station has ports). Also see if you can ping your router or any of the other computers on the network when it says connected via ethernet.

    EDIT: what OS is it running BTW?

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    bump, how do we get this to run on a mac?

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