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    Question Help please! time capsule with fios causes no connectivity for PCs
    Hello all,

    I've just subscribed and hope you can help. My husband has a Macbook pro and just bought a Time Capsule which he connected to our fios wireless box (one box for the modem, wireless, and phone. We don't have tv, if that matters).

    With the Time Capsule connected, I am unable to connect to my network wirelessly with my other PCs (3 laptops), though the MacBook pro can connect. The error I get says "limited or no connectivety". When I unplug the Time Capsule, I can connect wirelessly to the network without any problems.

    Ultimately, we'd like to be able to back up the Mac and PCs onto the Time Capsule, connect Mac and PCs to the internet and access a networked printer.

    If anyone could send step by step instructions to let us know how to connect and configure the Time Capsule, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Unfortunately, Verizon insists on using an all-in-one, wireless router and modem combo box. This makes using a third party wireless router much more difficult as you'll need to disable the wireless radio on their modem AND ensure that your third-party router is configured to use a different subnet other than the one that the FIOS box does.

    I noticed that my install tech was really quite clueless about this - I'm not sure if Verizon's tech support would be any more helpful. I would walk you through it, but I can't remember the password for the FIOS router for the life of me.

    I would recommend removing the Time Capsule for now, calling FIOS tech support and asking them to help you A) Disable the wireless radio on the FIOS modem and B) change the DHCP scope of their router so that it doesn't conflict with your Time Capsule. If they can help you set it to (for example), that should do the trick.
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