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crusty 12-03-2011 02:41 PM

FIOS Router Connectivity - Help Please

I am new to Mac (so be kind). I am trying to setup my home network without having to buy an airport extreme or time-capsule. Below is my hardware and need to know if I can setup the network to utilize my hard drive as a time-capsule and setup my printer as a print server (for the apple).

Verizon Router 9100EM, FIOS TV & Internet service
Mac Mini A1347
Windows XP Tower (hard connection to FIOS Router)
External HD (Windows setup) - USB 2.0 connection
Printer - Cannon M600 (not wireless)

My thought was this:
1) Add the HD via USB to the router
2) Add the printer to my Tower (enable sharing)
3) Download any drivers to the Apple to recognize printer.

I cannot recognize the printer or HD from the apple. Any thoughts on next steps? Is there a thread to leverage. Thanks in advance to anyones help.

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