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    Networking between iBook and AOL

    I am considering going wireless and because I'm on AOL I need to buy the Netgear DG834G router. Can anybody who has this router and AOL and has a Mac let me know if it is possible to connect to the internet because AOL have told me they do not offer techinal support for Macs.


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    I connect wireless to AOL broadband via my powerbook and my computer (both wireless) and the kids PCs are via ethernet via the same router.

    It is not the Netgear I use, but an Etech, which is not a well known name but works very well indeed.

    Airport was a doddle to set up, the Windows machine a bit of a nightmare since Windows WZC kept interfering with the setup. All working fine now.

    Put your and your password (8 letters or less) all lower case into the setup screen of your router. In the UK we have to set the MRU and MTU to 1400 to work with AOL, not sure about US settings. Save the settings and then set up wireless settings, using your preferred encryption method.
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    Hi, I also live in the UK

    What is the model name of your router?

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