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    Internet security
    As it has been oft posted that mac (at present) does not suffer from virus's.

    Most banking and online secure systems will reimburse if your account has been compromised and providing you have taken all necessary steps to protect your account whilst online. I've just been reading from a reputable mac adviser that installing an AV on mac is pointless at present.

    Some of the obvious precautions I take, however would appreciate any other suggestions to create a safe online connection to prevent fraudulent attacks whilst online. Thanks..

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    Hello madinmex

    I went online on my new Mac for the first time today. This is what I did according to advice here:

    1) Firewall switched on.
    2) Unchecked that dodgy default setting in Safari so that downloads will no longer automatically open.
    3) Using WPA2 for router.
    4) Went to official site to download flash. There are, apparently, false Adobe sites out there that are commony accessed via spurious links.

    Being a bit of a numpty with computers I wouldn't have done any of that but for reading this site. You probably know all this already, so sorry if I'm stating the obvious. Indeed, the average user will probably add much more to what I've mentioned.

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Usually I cover my rear end by using windows with a full scan before every connection, that way I assume I done at least part of (my part) in making a safe and hopefully secure connection. However I no longer have windows, hence my question as I will have to access via mac from now on. I use either chrome or FF for just about everything so not quite sure about the safari problem. Someone did mention using chrome in privacy mode as it deletes all cookies and browsing history. I also have a WPA2 router setting. The idea is to prove to what ever institution that I've done my bit should any fraud take place hence the question from any mac users (and there must be many) who access online as to any more precautions I can take. Thanks for answering and hope all goes well (for us both )

    Just struck me that there must be an addon to either FF or chrome to highlight known phishing or unsigned sites, must check.

    Thanks again..

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