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Thread: Slow connection since upgrading router

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    Unhappy Slow connection since upgrading router
    Ever since I upgraded my router to the NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (WNDR3700) my MacBook has been very slow to open pages when it does open them when I use Firefox or Google Chrome. I can't even get into Safari because it only opens halfway. (The search box only opens halfway) My MacBook is operating on 10.5.8, and I am beginning to wonder if this is the problem however due to lack of funds I want to try everything I can before I spend any money upgrading. I don't have any connection problems with my IPAD2, PC, or Netbook. A friend brought over their MacBook Air which is running on Lion and he did not have the issues I am having. I even called Netgear support and they basically tried to sell me premium support which I refused because if I need to update my OS, purchasing premium support would not have solved my problem. I have also installed and run Clean My Mac, but it didn't help. Any assistance will be appreciated and I am a novice and therefore if you provide suggestions can you put it in laymans terms? Thanks!

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    i don't think your problem is your router, but your macbook. i have a netgear router and my macbook runs just fine. do you usually put the macbook to sleep, or shut it down? i learned here that you need to shut it down periodically, or it starts throwing beach balls like crazy and running more slowly. also clear the cache, history and cookies - all in firefox preferences. i know these are very simple suggestions, but starting with the easy stuff is usually the best thing. good luck!

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