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    AirPlay issues on mix on LAN and wifi network

    I'm currently experiencing issues with AirPlay. I am trying to send only audio to my atv2 and I'm facing issues. If the atv2 and my iPhone or iPad are on the same wifi. The system works without issues. If I hardwire the atv2. The audio AirPlay stop working. BUT the video AirPlay still works. This phenomenon happens also when my atv2 and iPhone are on different wifi band of my dual band router.

    Here is some more info:
    - I've tried this on numerous iPhones/iPads iOS versions, all of them show the issue
    - I am running dd-wrt on a wndr3300 (netgear)
    - I have 3 atv2 devices all behaving the same way

    I really need help on this one.


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    Are you on the same subnet when connected via wired? Same question when you have dual band turned on? I don't have a way to exactly test what you have - but I have all my airplay devices on wireless - but my computer with my library is wired into the network - and both Airplay audio and video work to my atv2 - but all my devices are on the same subnet. I also have tried dual band and it works fine (also everything is on the same subnet with dual band)

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    Yes all my network are on the same subnet. They can all be ping'd no problem also.

    And the video AirPlay works fine all the time.



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