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    Macbook Pro Causing Wireless Network Chaos
    Im aware several macbook pro owners are having the dropping connection and slow connection issues etc.(Any solution to this yet?)
    but mine is a bit more complicated.
    I purchased my mbp about 8 months ago. it can not hold a solid connection at home. My router/modem is a 2wire provided by at&t.

    Every time i connect internet browsing will be fine and then out of no where it quits. I will lose connection and when i try to reconnect it says timeout. Now just recently when i connect to my network it makes all the other devices lag and will make the wireless network just quit and the xbox's and other laptops will stall. ANY help will be appreciated.
    I apologize if this question has been asked numerous times, i can change some settings if i need to but im not too advanced with this stuff.
    Thanks again

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    I had the same issue. I read in another post something about iTunes being a culprit. The person who wrote the post went through a long series of steps that still didn't fully satisfy his issue. Here's what I've done and it works...exit iTunes if you're not using it. As soon as I did, my internet connection went right back to normal.

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