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    Internet Issues at College (urgent please help)
    I have a macbook pro from 2010 and I am having issues connecting to my college network whether it be the ResNet or a secure server with a passoword. I never have issues anywhere other then the school and I also have an xbox 360 that registered the network as NAT: Strict. I am assuming the college just put so many firewalls and stuff up that it is messing with normal internet access. However at times it seems as if only my computer is effected..... is it a problem in the wireless card, config on my computer, and or the network its self I am home for thanksgiving and If need be this is the best time to get my comp taken care of anyone think its the airport that is bad so i should just get an external wireless card that plugs into the USB as a temporary for the rest of the semester or is it the network its self. I have spent hours online looking for a fix and still am empty handed any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated and I am good at computer code so if it is a coding issue if anyone could tell me and tell me what needs to change i can make it happen...... thanks

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    Talk to the school IT department - they know the setup of the school network better than anyone.

    Having been to various schools before, I know that each of them does things a little differently (one in particular required a very specific setup). I'm willing to bet that they will be able to fix this in no time.
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    Like what Vansmith said talk to your IT department they will be able to help you out. Also check out your schools IT website (most of the time it's they have guides usually on how to connect to the network properly.
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    I had the same issue, the problem i had was that when i was connecting to the wireless it wasn't asking my for school my username and password. I fixed it by clicking the wireless symbol and open the internet config then there is a connect button which popped up the prompt for username and pass. Im sure you have already tried this but that's how i fixed my problem. Good Luck

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