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    Angry airport connected but internet doesnt work
    Our internet works fine with wireless pc's and with the mac connected via ethernet cable. but when we try to connect with the airport, it says its connected and has full strength but when a browser is opened, we aren't connected.

    I've tried: resetting the modem/router (provided by our ISP) and turning airport on and off. I've checked to make sure its using DHCP.

    When I originally tried "join other network" and manually entered our network and password i used WPA. Nothing happened. When I switched it to WPA2 it suddenly worked. But after testing putting the mac to sleep for a few hours and coming back to it, it no longer works with WPA or WPA2.

    It works fine on other networks, but we just got internet installed so all the computers in the apartment can connect (i'm on a wireless-incapable pc so I needed a modem) while the mac has been using a local pay for service wifi connection.

    losing my patience with troubleshooting and really dont want to run a long ethernet cable across the apartment to the modem because we can't figure out why airport doesn't work.

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    I'm having a similar issue on my Macbook, iPhone 4, and iPad-2. Have done a search on the internet and it appears to be a common problem and does have something to do with the router settings apparently. However I can't find exactly what my set up should be.

    If anyone out there can help - would be greatly appreciated.
    I have a Netgear Wireless-N Router, set to WPa2 - have read something about setting to 802.11g only but can not find this setting at all in my set-up! Is WEP the answer?


    MacBook 13" 2.0 Ghz, 4 gb RAM, 250 gb HD; 30 gb iPod

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    Do you both have problems with Mail at the same time ?

    Does a warning triangle show up next to the Inbox in the sidebar in Mail just before it happens?

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