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    Network File Syncing to MBP
    I wonder if any can help me with this.
    I am new to mac and loving it, I had iPhone, iPod and ipad2 and my wife and kids all have iPods. I mad the break from windows for my personal machine a couple of months ago and like I said am loving it.
    Here is my question, I am about to purchase a 2tb Time Capsule to use as a backup for my mac and also to have a partition used as a file share area for pictures and files and iTunes. I have done this before but this is the main part of my question. I always like to keep everything on my mac/pc on a separate partition and keep my multimedia files there, I am currently do this but is there a program or app that will mirror/sync the network drive/TC to my mac either automatically or manually in both directions so that if I or anyone else has added to the network drive or to my mac sends it to the other once I am on my home network?
    I only need it to sync to and from my mac not other machines.

    Sorry for the long outdrawn question.


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    There are many solutions out there. This is just one: Mac App Store - Folder Sync

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