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    Unhappy MAC VPN doesn't traverse Class B network...need help
    Hey folks,

    I am connecting a vpn from my MacBook pro (snow leopard) to a windows 2003 pptp server. The server runs on a class B subnet (10.2.2.x,, and correctly issue my Mac a dhcp ip. I can see and browse everything on the 10.2.2.x network fine. The problem is there other machines on a 10.2.3.x network that I need to access but the Mac can't ping or see that network. All our windows clients can just fine. It is almost like the Mac is treating the VPN as a class C network. Anybody have any ideas on how to get the Mac VPN client to correctly access the full scope of the class B network?

    BTW: iPad has the same problem.


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    Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 Xeon 6gb DDR2 1TB OSX Server to is actually a Class A subnet. Is your subnet mask in your vpn set to Try changing it to
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    Thanks for the suggestions, but no luck. I agree 10.x.x.x is a class A subnet, but we use a subnet mask to class B the 10.2.x.x scope. So we should and do have access to 10.2.0.x, 10.2.1.x, 10.2.2.x, etc. from every windows box, just not from a mac. If I am ethernet plugged into the switch, no problems. It is only via Mac VPN (PPTP) that this is a problem. I did tried just in case (you never know) and switch the subnet mask of the PPTP server to (you can't actually specify a PPTP server setting in MS-Routing & Remote Access) but still no luck.

    Any other ideas?


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    Sorry its a question to your question but I think u can solve our problem. We are connecting to cusotmer network from Mac machine using cisco VPN Client. When we are on customer network we are unable to browse the site? Do u have any idea why?

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    My guess would be that you have not specified that all traffic go over the VPN on the Mac VPN client settings?

    Even though you have established the VPN and get a valid IP, you are still connected to you local LAN with another interface. I bet if you specified the DNS server of the VPN on the local ethernet interface that you would not be able to browse the internet.

    It's probably sending those ping requests for 10.2.3.x out the LAN interface.

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