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    Wireless Problem, need Help!!!
    I have a Macbook Pro 15 inch mid 2010 with Mac OS Lion. After I upgrade my MAC OS from Snow Leopard to Lion, there is no problem with the wireless. Just about two weeks ago, it start to suddenly disconnect and reconnect again but that is also sometimes will like that. Then I boot to my Bootcamp which is Windows 7, the wireless connection will never disconnect.
    My MAC OS Lion is already been recovered three times and my home router also reboot 5 times while others PC and laptop can online.
    My MAC OS Lion just install google chrome and firefox only. Perform till latest update MAC OS Lion's updates.

    What is the actual problem I am facing now? Need some Professional Advice...

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    Try deleting the WIFI port in the Network settings and then re-adding it.

    Use the minus button at the bottom, then use the plus to add it back.

    This fixes random wonkiness for me when I have trouble connecting at times. I usually do it as a last ditch effort as it will forget any previously connected WIFI networks.

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