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    Mac server and Windows server on same network
    Ok we have a mac server currently running domain services for all our macs as well as our Windows XP machines, our 2 Win 7 machines are setup as standalone, one is backed up with retrospect to server, because of no support. There are 4 more that setup to be managed by of of the 4, looking to have it as a dedicated server if that is better. We are looking at getting the new MacMini Server next year and planning everything out. The issue is there is no support for domain services on windows anymore. What is the best way to set this up.

    1) Set up all of the windows machines up as standalone PCs. The only problem is backing up profiles is not easy.

    2)Setup a windows server in addition to the mac server on same vlan. This would allow easy syncing of profiles as well as WSUS server for them. I am not sure how well mac server and windows server are going to play with each other.

    3)Setup a windows server on a new VLAN. This would allow complete separation of the two servers, but will require some work to get all of the staff shared docs on both file servers, or possible look at a Dual Ethernet NAS built for dual VLANs.

    We don't have that many Windows PC, But we do want everything to be easy to manage. Most of them are laptops and move around a lot.

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    samba4 or osx server open directory would and should be able to fulfill your needs for domain control of mac and window environments with one mac server. I have not set this up yet but the documentation says it can be done.
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    I know this was possible in the older servers, we currently have a snow leopard server configured that way, except for the Win 7 machines because of no support. I have been doing research on the and getting mixed comments on that in Lion. I have seen there is support for none, all, and only Win 7. If someone could confirm the support of at least windows 7 logging into the domain, that would be enough support for me. We are considering moving the last of the Windows XP Machines to Windows 7 anyways, and moving everything to mac that is possible, Just will be a few programs not supported on mac.

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