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    Weird Connectivity Issue
    Okay, so here's the story:
    When I boot up my Mac, the computer connects automatically to my router and to the Internet, and everything works fine. I am able to use the Internet and to access my router's configuration options. A few minutes later, though, the Internet no longer works and I can no longer access my router although according to Airport I am still connected to the network. When I restart my computer the Internet once again will work for a few minutes and then stop working.
    I believe that the problem is with my Mac or with its connection to the router (and not the router itself) because a) I have restarted my router already a few times and that doesn't change anything b) I have another, non-Mac, in my home and it is not experiencing any connectivity issues.
    I have tried repairing the HD and doing a software update but neither has fixed my problems. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Start here:

    ...and let us know how you make out.
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    I checked there already before posting. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I see this happen with some modems if a static ip is chosen rather than DHCP and another cause is heavy wireless traffic with channel selection on auto manually select
    another channel that few or no one is using iStumbler can help with this.

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    I'm using DHCP and there is hardly any traffic- it's a home network that has two computers on it.

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    Also, the same computer is not working even when connected to another network- i.e. the problem is with the computer, not the router. Any ideas?

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    Lightbulb Is iTunes the culprit?

    First off, disregard this message if you don't use iTunes or have never tried to do a wifi sync with any iDevice. Otherwise, I might have found the solution to at least my version of this problem.

    I just found that I'm having the exact same issue with a 2010 Macbook Pro and 10.6.8. Everything was working fine until I woke the Macbook from sleep and it would no longer be able to do a wifi sync with my iPhone. Also, the browser would no longer be able to connect to any website. Then I opened up the network preferences and found that renewing the DHCP lease would lead to a self-assigned IP.

    I rebooted the machine, deleted all my airport preferences and the network keychain entries. I opened up iTunes again to also start my iPhone synchronization. Re-initializing my airport preferences, I could finally connect again, but only for a couple of minutes. After a short while, the same problem would start to occur (i.e., no connections working), and essentially it was impossible for me to perform the iPhone wifi sync that I wanted to do, because the connection was dropping too quickly.

    Then I suddenly noticed something strange: if I switched the IPv6 configuration from "Automatic" to "Off", iTunes would suddenly find my iPad (!) and try to do a wifi sync, even though it could not actually connect to the device. Something strange was going on with iTunes as well.

    Therefore, as a next step, I connected my iPhone via USB, performed my sync, quit iTunes and repeated the whole "delete Airport preferences" stuff. Again, I was able to connect to the internet and do some surfing. I kept checking the connection for a few minutes and it was not dropping. It's now been more than an hour without the connection dropping. Meanwhile, I have also restarted iTunes and not found any connection issues.

    So I conclude that it is either pure coincidence that everything is working now, or that the iTunes wifi sync is actually the problem. I don't know what goes on under the hood when iTunes tries to connect to the iPhone, but it might be that it somehow just clogs up the wifi communication channels or temporarily changes the network settings.

    Give it a try

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