I need to confess off the top that I in no way resemble in any way someone who is actually knowledgeable and wise in the ways of networking. I have however read at length and played around setting my network up. Just when I thought I had everything up and functional, I was unable to use what I set-up in a functional way.

Basically here's what I'd like to do ...

1) ISP into my Cisco Linksys Wireless Router
2) AirPort Express wifi to the Linksys's WiFi signal
3) Hook HP Printer USB to AirPort Express
4) Print from both my and my wife's MacBooks to the HP Printer wirelessly

So my first question is if this is even possible? And secondly how can I do this in a way that will allow either of the MacBooks to print wirelessly if the other MacBook is away on business travel?

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, and help