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    How to connect to internet using cellphone?
    Hi, I have a MacBook (running SnowLeopard). I'm staying at a friend's apartment in NYC who doesn't have an internet connection in the apartment (and I can't pick up any neighbor's wifi signal). How can I connect to the internet using a cell phone? What do I need to buy, or what's the least expensive, yet workable phone I need in order to do this (I have a very old non-smart phone phone). Is there any other way I don't know about to connect to the internet-- someone mentioned a type of AT & T card, another person mentioned a bluetooth. I'm confused!!!

    I just need to know what I need to buy, so I'll be able to connect to the internet from the apartment whenever I want.


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    You can use an aircard. I did this for a while until I finally broke down and got a smart phone which will also do it. It is generally an additional monthly charge on the smart phone, like any other package of features.

    Whichever route you go, pay particular attention to available connection speeds and monthly data limits. Don't be surprised if the salesperson doesn't know what the connection speed is supposed to be, and I would stand on them until you get an answer or else don't take their service. The number will probably be a range. I would think in NYC you should be able to get a full 4G signal.

    Also note your monthly data limits and be aware of how much you're likely to use. I think AT&T's limit is currently 2GB a month, which I think is ridiculously low. I don't know what Verizon's is currently. My own contract with Verizon is just enough months old that I have unlimited data, which is good for me as I use way more than 2GB a month. I don't know if they have unlimited data plans anymore or not. And just for a point of reference, the 4G signal that is available where I live gets me an average 15MB connection speed which is very nice.

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    Thanks, this is incredibly helpful. I found a bunch of "rent an aircard" places when I just googled it: DayPassWireless for example. Has anyone used this? They don't list their connection speed, but NYC is in their 4G coverage area.

    Your post was really helpful - thanks!


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