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    Wireless network extension | Post Shifted - Wrong Forum, sorry
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    Wireless network extension | Airport Extreme + MacBook Pro
    Hi all.

    Until recently I had a home network consisting an ISP-supplier Thomson TG585 wireless router supporting both a MacBook Pro & iMac.

    The config. worked to a point. Both machines could get to the web fine, but frustratingly would rarely "see" each other via the router. No problem when directly connected via LAN cable.

    I have converted an external cabin some 20m or so away from the house into an office and therefore need to use the MacBook at a distance. The TG585 failed to give the range required so I improved coverage by adding an Airport Extreme as a bridge (the Macs now see each other fine).

    Whilst a great improvement in coverage, on occasion though it slows right down and even drops out.

    I've loaded iStumbler to do some checks and whilst there's a number of domestic networks in the neighbourhood, none are on the same channel and all are running at 2.4Ghz, so presumably the Airport should be fine given its dual frequency capability?

    iStumbler's indicating though that at the range I'm operating the signal range drops to between 15-25% and even with the MacBook right beside the Extreme it only gets to 61%. Both seem a bit low.

    I'm am no network expert, but this seems to suggest to me that it is the level I'm getting, rather than any interference which is the issue.

    My first thought was to try and boost the MacBook's reception capability with an external USB aerial (looking through the forums the Asus USB-N10 seems to be a good choice).

    In discussing the a local retailer however, they suggested this is the wrong idea. My problem apparently is the poor capability of the TG585 which is providing a reasonably weak/variable signal to the Extreme. Instead, I should be swapping out the TG585 for a more sophisticated router (his suggestion the Linksys E2000). With the base router providing a strong 5Ghz input then this enables the Extreme to perform at its best.

    My question (finally!) is whether this is indeed the case (i.e. router replacement req.)? I obviously don't want to replicate the Airport Extreme's spec. so does anybody have any suggestions on the minimum router spec. which would be appropriate in this instance?

    PS: Sorry it's a long one; thanks for taking the time to read.

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