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    Any wireless routers that can handle a Mac and PC?
    My mother, the internet challenged person she is bought a cheap ASUS router. (according to her $150 is way to much for Wifi. )
    It works fine with every thing. The PCs, Xbox, iPhone, and iPad.
    Everything but my android and Mac, that is.

    And despite her ranting on about how I have to go change some network settings on and something in safari, that I don't even use. My internet works at-least but not like it was before. I used to get 20 Fps when I would play games online. Now I get about 5. :T Yeah, ya got yerself a really top quality router there, bud. It takes about two too five minutes to pull up a webpage. It's one of the most bloody annoying thing I've stubbed upon in my life.

    My android won't connect. Period. This isn't the best place to be talking about that thought. Anyways, Anyone know of a router that will keep my mother at bay and will let me use my Mac to it's full potential?
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    There is a member here at Mac Forums with an Asus router and they love it. I have read very good things about it. Maybe it's not configured properly. Who set it up?

    Of the new N routers, the Airport Extreme is good as is the newest Dlink and I have heard good things about the top new Netgear also, but normally do not like Netgear routers.

    I would stay away from Belkin. Had many issues with friends who bought them. That 3000 some Linksys is supposed to be an excellent Dual Band router also. A friend has it and loves it.

    I have a funny feeling either she got a defective Asus router or it's setup wrong.

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    You may need to increase your DHCP client pool in the router. It has more than likely reached the maximum DHCP clients. It's not defective, and $150 is a bit steep to pay for a home wireless router.
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