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    Internet lost when plugging in LAN cable
    Hi, I have a Dell XPS PC, Vista, that connects to the internet via a USB WiFi Adapter to a Netgear ADSL 802.1g Wifi router.

    In addition, I have a direct LAN connection from this computer to another local router Apple Extreme that uses a different wireless network running on 802.1n. It is used to drive various Apple Express units (Only for Itunes Music) throughtout the house and outside.

    Both wireless systems are healthy and use different channels,etc.
    All other wireless (Apple Mac, Iphones, etc) devices work well and can gain access to the internet via the netgear 802.1g network.

    However, my problem is that when I plug this LAN cable to my computer as per above, i lose internet access on this computer only. Everything else seems to work fine.

    Is there some setting on my PC that I need to change to maintain this internet wifi connection when I plug my LAN cable in? And where is it?
    thanks in advance

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    This site is for Mac discussions. You might get a better response if you posted your issue on a site that supports Vista problems. You might get lucky here if anybody is running Vista, but most of us are Mac users.

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    This isn't a 'Vista' issue, it's a networks issue.

    You haven't described how the Airport Extreme is connected to the Netgear router (if, indeed it is). That would help.
    But your fundamental problem is this... you can't have two networks connected to one machine.

    This is how I'd setup your kit.

    Use the netgear as is (connected to the internet,creating a wifi g network, running DHCP and controlling IP addresses). Connect the extreme to the netgear by cable (disable DHCP on the extreme. Have it create an N network).

    Now you connect to the g wifi, N wifi or by cable to either device and they are all on the same network with the netgear router controlling everything.

    Obviously this is making massive assumptions - if all equiptment is co-located, your existing connections are as described etc

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    Great reply thanks, have some good tips.
    Issue is that I have a Netwgear g router that is at one end of house in order to connect to internet (ADSL+) phone line.

    It has to transmit wirelessly through a Kitchen that has every noise producing gadget you can think of.

    In the centre of the house is my main PC connected via ethernet to Airport Extreme n and uses a wireless USB adapter to also connect to this Netgear g router. Now originally I had all my Apple MAC laptops, Iphones, Airport Extreme and Express connected to this g network. All signals having to get through the kitchen to be routed accordingly. Parties were a flop becuase itune music being streamed from my main PC to the three AExpress units throughout the property both inside and out kept dropping out.

    Hence I just want my apple Aiport Devices to play itunes, run on a solid platform, 802.11n and at 5GHZ to get away from interference issues and drop outs

    Also I want to transmit via a central router using the Airport Extreme that is much closer to all my Aexpress devices that just drive speakers.

    I have resolved this issue of internet dropping out. Apparently IP conflict.

    i intend to buy a powerline ethernet bridge to connect my central main PC to the Netgear router (internet access) and bypass the need to pump wireless signals through the kitchen.


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