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lmg2727 10-20-2011 04:54 PM

Internet has full connection but pages do not load
The wireless internet in my apartment was working perfectly until march when it suddenly connecting. I called my service provider and they kept switching out the modems and routers but it wound never work for more than a couple hours after the left. I changed service providers because I thought it was their issue, but the internet is STILL not working with the new provider. It says I have full connection but when I open safari or google chrome, no websites will load. It's no an issue with my mac book pro because it works perfectly in other places. They have also rewired the internet in room. My last hope is that i can fix it through my computer. PLEASE advise.

rdasilva 10-20-2011 05:12 PM

How do you make a connection to WIFI? Via DHCP or by manually specifying the connection details? If manually, make sure you have specified the DNS entries for your ISP (see /etc/resolv.conf). Without DNS your browser won't be able to find any websites by name at least. Can you enter an IP address like "" ( Can you ping this address via a terminal? If you're using a router make sure your Mac knows the ip of the router. By the way, what tells you that you have a "full connection"?

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