Hello, and thanks in advance.

Here is my situation. I have Verizon DSL (3.0Mbps Down, .75 Up) connected to a Belkin wireless router.

Only two of my computers connect at near full speed (2.80Mbps on average). The rest of my devices connect around 0.74Mps! Everything is connected through wifi. And in the same room.

The devices that connect at full:
Mac Mini (2.8mbps +)
IBM Laptop (2.8mps+)

The devices that connect at the slower speed; (0.74mbps)
Iphone 4s (two of them!)
Ipad 2 (ios5)
MacBook Pro

Ive restarted my router and modem several times, but to no affect. Ive also checked that each device has its own IP address. Turning off devices has zero effect on speed results. And its always the Mac Mini and IBM laptop that is running at full speed)

Im stuck! I don't know what it could be! Any advice would be appreciated.


I should also note that i reset the lease on the iphones and ipads, but that didnt do anything either.