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    Oct 18, 2011
    iphone 4s wifi problem
    hey im new to this forum just signed up because if been looking all over internet for info on how to fix my iphone 4s wifi problem.

    ive recently just upgraded my iphone 3gs to i phone 4s and and having difficulty working out how to connect to internet through my home hub. my 3g worked fine on it previously, i can connect to my wifi fine when i enter password etc.. it showing full bar signal on iphone 4s but when i go to use internet it says its not connected.
    when i click on blue arrow next to router im using in settings ive noticed the ip address starts with 169. i understand that this means it is not connected. the the subnet mask field is filled in but all the other fields are blank.

    ive tried a million times clicking reset network and also forget network etc... but this doesnt fix problem.

    its not a problem with phone because the wifi works on other networks fine

    your help and support on how to go about fixing this would be appriciated.

    many thanks

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    Does your home network have any kind of security enabled or is it using MAC addressing for access to the network?

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    Oct 18, 2011
    no not that i know off, other laptops and phones have recently connected to it no problem.

    thanks for getting back

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    Oct 23, 2011
    Slow wifi
    I too had really slow wifi on my new iphone 4S. I tryed updating firmware on my
    Routter resetting the iPhone with a fresh ios5. Resetting the phones network setting. All the wile old 3G and my wife's 3GS on ios5 was screaming along with
    The web and videos , videos on the 4S weren't watchable. I tryed other wifi hotspots and they all were slow except apples After trying all that apple replaced my iPhone, didn't help new phone was just as slow. So I gave up and tryed a new n600 router that fixed it. Supper fast wifi now It still is like the edge at the free wifi hot spots but they are also probably running 4 year old routters like mine I am just glad it works at home and apple will problubly put out a fix for it because we are not the only one with this problem. But it was unusable before with the old routter I was getting .20 down and 9.20 up, now I am getting 24.97 down and 8.73 up that is spot on for my Internet speeds.

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    Change the DNS
    You may want to try changing your i4s's wifi DNS to or -- these are google's public DNS servers. I had the same problem -- using a NetGear WNDR3700 router and it worked for me.

    To do so, go to your iPhone 4s's settings > wi-fi > (your network name) > press the blue arrow > DNS (it's the 4th item after Router) > change the DNS to either of the 2 above.

    Hope this helped.

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