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    Wireless help with macbook
    So for the past few months my macbook pro has not been working right. Everytime i try to load a webpage it comes up saying "This webpage is not available" and at the bottom "Error 105 Unable to resolve the server's DNS address"

    I am clearly connected to wireless, as I have full bars on the wifi icon, and i can connect to some applications like Skype. I can't however access the itunes store or like i said any internet websites. Everytime i try to access Network in System Preferences the colorful wheel shows up and the application stops responding until i have to force quit it. Every other application in the system preferences i can get in easily, but not network. Like what the ****..its like my computer doesnt want to be fixed

    Any suggestions

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    Moved to proper forum.

    It may be a DNS issue or one with your ISP. You might want to try changing your DNS servers to either OpenDNS or Public DNS both of which normally are faster and safer than the servers provided by most ISPs.

    Change your DNS settings to these: (primary) (secondary)

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