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    Suggestions on quiet switches...

    I need some suggestions on some quiet 24 port unmanaged switches.
    My parents hotel has some and they are located in the office, and these things are LOUD! They are rack mount, 3com Superstacks. They are just annoying and we want to get rid of them for something quieter. The fans inside them are loud, and I have no way of messing with them.
    Any suggestions? We need three 24 port switches.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Most rack mount types I've seen have at least 2 cooling fans. If you have to put them in a hush box, sort of like those ones they used to make for line printers.


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    Closer than you think.
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    These are cheap and quiet.

    Linksys Business Class Switch

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    What exactly is a hush box? I was thinking about putting them in an enclosure, but I thought it would make them overheat, I didn't want to do that.

    That Linksys switch, you think something like the SR224 that isn't a gigabit switch works the same and is quiet as well, I doubt we have any need for a gigabit switch.

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