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Thread: Wireless help?

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    Wireless help?
    Hi guys.
    New to the forum and need some help. I have a 27 inch iMac with a time capsual. I also have an iPhone and iPad in my house and a hp wireless printer

    The time capsual is plugged into the wall in a different room and backs up wirelessly to the network my iMac has created and the iPad is joined to, my iPhone sees the network but is doesnt join it, just constantly thinks about it. The iPad uses this network for Internet access

    Are their limitations to the iMac? Eg number of devices, speed, or would I be better off connecting the time capsual to the iMac with Ethernet and using it as a router? Could this be why I can't get my iPhone to join?

    Are their pros and cons? Any help would be great
    Thanks in advance

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    Make sure your phone is trying to connect to 2.4GHz N and not 5GHz N.

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    So, if I am reading your post are using the iMac as a wireless access point? Why?

    That's what the Time Capsule is for. It is a wireless router.

    I have a feeling the problem is related to the fact that your iMac is acting as the access point in this case, unless I completely misread your post...

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    more wireless
    Sorry i will try be more specific.

    I would like to have the time capsule in a different room and just use it to back up. I have had in the past a computer fire that destroyed everything so i like the idea of my back up being somewhere else and without a cable running around the room. I also get internet through a usb 3g modem and not sure it can be shared through the time capsule anyway (though may be wrong its just what i have read)

    I would like my iPad to get internet still from my computer, which i can do with internet sharing on, When i first got my mac i created a computer to computer network thats called Petes iMac, my iPad finds this even with the computer off and i would like to delete it but can't at all. it just stays there and i find it strange that my iMac can join its own network but that is probably me not understanding it

    What i want to know is what is the best way i can have my time capsule somewhere else, not cabled, and still have wireless internet in my house. what is the best method for this, and on top how do i go about getting rid of this computer to computer network or even just adding a password to it would be nice. and is it a problem using the iMac for wireless or is it not any good at it

    Thanks for any help. as you are most likely aware by now i am not computer savvy but i do love using my iMac its a great bit of gear

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    Ok, so here's how I understand you are set up.

    You use a 3G modem which is plugged into your iMac (I'm assuming this is like Clear or some other device using a cellular signal to provide an Internet connection), then you share that connection out to your iPad through the Airport in your iMac.

    Assuming I've got that correct, what you are wanting to do is not possible.

    Your iMac is not creating a wireless network, at least not in the sense that you would need for the Time Capsule to work. What you are creating is called an ad-hoc connection, which is a strictly peer-to-peer connection, that is, it only operates between two points (in your case, the iMac and iPad). You may be able to connect other devices to that connection simultaneously and access the Internet, but they cannot see each other on the network, because the infrastructure is not there.

    Now, not all hope is lost. There are devices you can purchase which accept a USB 3G modem like the one you have and can provide a wired or wireless network connection as well. Here is a link to an example:

    What you do is plug your USB 3G modem into that device, then plug an ethernet cable from the WAN port on your Time Capsule to the LAN port on that device. Some configuration may be necessary, but the end result is that your Time Capsule will create a proper network and use the 3G modem for its Internet connection.

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    sfam198 thanks heaps for your reply. That makes things make sense. Just two quick questions if you don't mind
    How come i can't get rid of this "pete's iMac, its in the devices tab under wireless, or is it like a default thing that i can turn on and off?
    and two, if i don't wish to share internet, can i just hook up my time capsule wirelessly to my iMac? as in plug it in to my bedroom and have it and the iMac chit chat?
    I think i will try your suggestion though
    Thanks for the reply

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