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Thread: Blocking email query

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    Blocking email query
    I've been recieving unwanted emails from an aquaintance. I've blocked the sender a couple of times but they create new addresses and continue to harass me. Is there a way to block them without them knowing? I would just like to never see the emails and not have them know so they won't bother creating new addresses to contact me from.

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    If they are creating new addresses each time you block them, it's going to be rather difficult to stop them, as you have nothing to filter on. Probably the best thing to do is just create a new email account of your own.
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    Thanks for the reply. I've done this before also. The problem is that it's a work email address and is very easy to track down if they want to find my new one. I was just wondering if I can block them without them knowing so they assume I'm recieving the emails and just not responding.

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    What about just bouncing the e-mail? Perhaps they'll get tired of it if they know you never open it
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