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    Problem with network share mounting in Lion
    Hi all,
    I'm hoping that this subject hasn't been touched on. Did a little searching and couldn't find my specific problem.
    In any event, I'm a systems admin for a medium sized business here in central NJ. We've got an Active Directory based network (2K3 servers), and about 70 PCs. Over the last year or two, a number of senior execs have been switching over to Macs. I've got personal experience with Macs, as I've been using one for the last 4 years...however, I'm only now starting to try and integrate them into our network. Unfortunately, I don't have an inventory to test I have to use my own. I do have 3 separate machines to test with...however, silly me..I upgraded all three to 10.7(Lion) before I really started trying to add them to the domain.

    I've been able to get them on the domain, and after a few glitches, things seem to be working fairly well. However, I do have one problem, and it's been driving me crazy since I started on this project.

    As I mentioned, I've got an AD based network...and each user has their own share out on a server...the share is pushed down via AD's profile/mapped drive option. The problem I have with the Macs running 10.7 is, either the share doesn't mount at all, or it mounts...but only having to specify which share is mine when logging in. I know for sure that this is a problem with 10.7, as I had a chance to bind a Snow Leopard machine last week...when I did so, the share drive mounted automatically without issue.

    It gets even stranger to me in that, if I look at the 'Login Items' in the system preferences...if I have the share being pushed via AD, it will show up in the login items...if I remove the entry in AD, it shows up as an 'unknown' entry in the Login Items (it's listed as an SMB://servername item). I would imagine that if it was listed as smb://servername/share, I wouldn't have to select it each time...problem is, I can't remove that login's greyed out, and I can't check the box, or click the minus sign. If the share is turned on in AD for my user account, the login item entry disappears.

    I hope I'm explaining this in a way that some of you veterans can understand. I'd certainly be willing to elaborate further..but if anyone does have a suggestion, I would certainly appreciate any help you can provide.

    I did see that there was a .plist item called (loginitems) which doesn't exist for my domain profile/user account. Not sure if this is relevant, but I figured I'd mention that I did try moving in that direction.

    I appreciate any help you guys can provide...thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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    Same problems...
    Reading that others share my issue, that I have had now for a long time, and no one seems to be able to solve it, is frustrating.
    Have reported to Apple as well, and nothing happens.

    I switched to Mac seeing the community around none PC apple products when facing issues or problems.

    However regarding apple PC products, I have yet to recieve any answers, and im not the only one with them.

    So please guys I know the skills are out there, take your time and aid us!

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