Question for you fine folks out there in MF-land.

I have an iHome iP1 speaker connected via audio cable to my Airport Express. After I've streamed music to it for a while from my iPhone or iPad, at some point afterward, the Airport Express goes offline. It's not visible on any device at all. Currently, my network setup is cable modem -> Time Capsule via ethernet -> Airport Express via ethernet. The TC communicates at 802.11n(a) for the computers and the AE communicates at 802.11g(b) for the iPad and iPhones. The speaker is then connected to the express. My thinking was I could stream audio to the speaker even if the internet went offline. Regardless, the TC and internet connection are probably not related to the issue.

My thinking is that when the iHome detects a period of inactivity, it goes to sleep, and the command to terminate signal may be knocking the Airport offline. I've tried this with two separate Airport Expresses and got the same results. BTW, the TC shows nothing in the logs when the AE goes offline, and even though the AE is connected via ethernet, it doesn't see it - only that a DHCP address was granted sometime early in the morning.

One thing I haven't tried yet is connecting the AE to standard computer speakers and seeing if the issue persists. If I can dig them out of storage, I'll give that a try. Anyone have any other recommendations? I spoke to iHome technical support and was blown off, as he told me in no uncertain terms, "There's no way the iHome could be sending power to the Airport." Maybe, but I doubt it.