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    Application blocking: /usr/sbin/ocspd
    Hi. I'm a mac newbie. I have Norton Internet Security for Mac installed and recently turned on the application blocking feature on the firewall. I have allowed all applications that I recognize, but one /usr/sbin/ocspd keeps trying to access the internet, but I don't know what it is. What is this? Is it safe to let access the internet? Thanks!

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    From the man page, and yes.. it is safe to allow it to access the Internet.

    ocspd -- OCSP and CRL Daemon


    ocspd performs caching and network fetching of Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) and Online Certificate Certificate
    cate Status Protocol (OCSP) responses. It is used by Security.framework during certificate verification. verification.
    tion. Security.framework communicates with ocspd via a private RPC interface. When Security.framework
    determines that a CRL is needed, or that it needs to perform an OCSP transaction, it performs an RPC to
    ocspd which then examines its cache to see if the appropriate CRL or OCSP response exists and is still
    valid. If so, that entity is returned to Security.framework. If no entry is found in cache, ocspd
    obtains it from the network, saving the result in cache before returning it to Security.framework.
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    Great! Thanks for the info and the quick reply. I did notice that the certificate of a few websites started not being recognized. I'll allow access. Appreciate the insight!

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