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    Lightbulb Airport Express as "Wired" Network
    We all know that you can plug an Airport Extreme into a modem and split it to be used with wires or without (wired vs. wireless). It has both capabilities.

    But what about the Airport Express as a wireless AND wired network, too.

    Let's say you have two Airport Expresses.
    Express A has the input from the DSL and Express B is on the other side of the room "extending the network." Thus there is no ethernet plug in it. Thus that slot in Expres 2 is open.

    Could you...

    Plug an ethernet plug into it and use it as an OUTPUT to a Desktop computer?

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    to my knowlage.. yes you can.
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    i hava two and do the same thing with 2 Airport Extremes so, yes you can.

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