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    Network Browser has stopped working.

    A week ago or so I accidentally deleted the Network browser item from the Finder's sidebar, goodness knows how but I managed to do so. Since then my sidebar has been lacking the network item.

    Since then I just used command + k to connect directly to other Macs or PCs.

    Today I wished to browse the network using command + shift + c on finder to open up the the computer's devices in a finder window (namely Macintosh HD and Network are shown), double clicking Network does nothing.

    I was connected to a wireless network peer-to-peer (computer to computer) with a colleagues machine and wished to connect to his laptop via this method and it just will not work.

    Using the columns view avails no more information sadly

    I tried searching the forums and google for answers before now and this one has me stumped. The firewall is on, and sharing is set up for personal file sharing and windows file sharing. I can of course connect using command + k but I would like this option to work too.

    Any ideas?

    I'm on Tiger (10.4.2), latest updates etc. Tried also with the firewall off.


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    If it's a windows laptop you'll have to set your workgroup to match the laptop in /Applicatios/Directory Access. Then in the Network icaon you'll see a folder with the workgroup name.

    The network icon works veerrrry slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacsWork
    If it's a windows laptop you'll have to set your workgroup to match the laptop in /Applicatios/Directory Access. Then in the Network icaon you'll see a folder with the workgroup name.

    The network icon works veerrrry slow.
    Thanks :flower:

    However, that I am already aware of, and sometimes its to PCs but mostly Mac to Mac.

    If you do Command + Shift + C to open the computer in finder, network shows, double clicking opens no window.

    If you do command + shift + k on finder, no window opens at all, not even an empty one.

    This is really niggling me now, as it seems ridiculous that accidentally dragging the network icon from the finder sidebar onto the desktop (resulting in the 'pooof' ie: trashing it to a heavenly trashcan) has screwed this up! Much like Mac Help seemingly K.O.'ing itself on PowerBooks on Tiger which needs fixing.

    These niggles really need to be addressed by Apple. And for the record, I am course a huge Mac and Apple fan and user over the past ten years so, i'm not without faith :flower: Sadly no one where I work knows either (I work at an AppleCentre here in the UK)


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    All sorted now, rather an odd way to resolve it. But I decided to try another account by adding it, Network worked there and then by going back to my main account, it started to work again, so I deleted the test account.

    Also found the Add to sidebar in File menu, duh! :flower:

    You'll have to excuse me, ehilst I'm a longterm Mac use (starting with System 6), I not 100% up to speed on OS X - I know most stuff but the silly things still evade me!

    I was quite insistent on sorting this as I hate things that don't quite work (hence why I use a Mac not a PCw ith Windows!) and for connecting to Macs and PCs of which I don't know the IP of off hand, its handy to have!

    Thanks again,

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