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Thread: poor repeater signal. 2 cable modems, same network possible?

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    poor repeater signal. 2 cable modems, same network possible?
    Hello all,

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with a unique apple tv/home network problem im having.

    first, here is the gear im using:

    living room: APPLE AIRPORT EXPRESS (brand new) w/ USB HARD DRIVE connected, serving media


    how i have it set up:

    Im using the airport extreme as the network generator, and the airport express to "join a current wireless network".

    problem im having:

    wi-fi Signal is intermittent and very weak to the airport express. Distance is approx 30' from extreme to express. I've come to find out from my landlord that past tennants have complained that wi-fi access to all parts of the house is poor due to metal support structures in the wall between the bedrooms to living room. *sigh*.

    what i've done to trouble shoot:

    I've swapped both the extreme and express to see if one was able to push the signal in one direction w/ more range than the other, to no avail. Next, I moved the cable modem to the bedroom from living room to see if generating the wi-fi network from there produced better reception. It did not.

    My next troubleshooting idea, and ultimate question:

    Since I have coaxial comcast cable hookups in both rooms, I thought of connecting a cable modem in each room, to each airport. By doing this, would I be able to have one network, or would I be forced to create 2 different networks? If i was forced to create 2 seperate networks, would my macs/iphones, etc seamlessly switch between the 2 eventhough approx 1-2 bars worth of signal overlap in each room? and lastly, would I be able to stream from my living rooms airport connected external usb hd to my apple tv in the bedroom? or would having 2 cable modems throw a wrench into it?

    hope that all makes sense. please ask me to clarify if any of the above seems foggy.

    thanks to those who can help.


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    Closer than you think.
    The two cable modem thing won't work.

    What about a third AE in the middle? You should use the "extend an airport network" option under Wireless Mode for both AEs.

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