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    Question Transferring Large Files from PC Laptop to G5
    Hi, I have an HP laptop and have several large .avi files on my computer that I am trying to put onto my brother's G5 so I can burn them to DVD.

    What hardware/software do I need (besides buying a large jump drive) to hook up our computers and transfer the files.

    Also, is it i easy to burn ".avi" files onto dvd?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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    Thought you could just link the mac up to the PC using a patch cable. My G5 allows you to transfer files from and to PC's just by dragging and dropping the shared files.

    Having said that, I haven't fine tuned the settings, as I get a time out and loss of connection after a few minutes, compared to my WLAN setup back at home which is faultless (apart from the slower transfer rates)

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    i made a simple tutorial about sharing files on mac and pc..
    all u actually need is a lan cable.
    hope it does help....

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    excellent guide chouk

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