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    internet doesnt work on imac g5 (ae card)
    up until today, we were using comcast digital cable hooked up through our airport extreme base station. well we were paying close to 70 a month, so have decided to switch to dsl (19.95)

    my powerbook is wireless on the dsl network right now. the imac g5 recognizes the network, connects to it, but that is it. under network, it says "imac has a self assigned ip address, and might not be able to connect to the internet." the imac works if directly connected, and works on my old network. any ideas?...

    imac g5, os 10 tiger, qwest dsl premium

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    Have you tryed shutting the computer off?? I know when i set up my new wireless nework today i kept getting connection errors until i actually shut down the computer and restarted it.

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    awww many times this has happened to me. You have to make sure your base station is set up for this new connection go into its settings.

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